Indian eVisa Ports Allowed For Entry And Exit During The Government Shutdown

As the U.S. government shutdown enters its fourth day, some travelers are facing delays and other difficulties when trying to enter or leave the country. However, for those who are visiting India, things have remained largely normal.

The Indian eVisa airport and seaports for entry and exit are still open, as is the normal visa process. This means that citizens of countries which have a treaty with India – such as the United States – can still travel to and from India without any issue. Additionally, citizens of countries which do not have a treaty with India can also travel to India without a visa if they hold a valid passport from one of these countries. Indian eVisa Airport and Seaports for Entry

Government Shutdown

The Trump Administration has announced that all ports of entry will be open for Indian nationals during the government shutdown. This includes both land and air ports. However, there are some restrictions in place. Indian nationals must have a valid passport or e-Passport, and they are not allowed to bring any firearms or explosives with them into the United States. Additionally, they are not allowed to travel to Cuba, Iran, Syria, or North Korea.

Indian eVisa Ports Allowed for Entry and Exit

During the current government shutdown, many Indian nationals traveling to and from the United States will need to use one of the nine eVisa ports allowed for entry and exit during this time. The following are the nine ports:

New York


Los Angeles


Dallas-Fort Worth



San Francisco Bay Area

Important Notes:

-All Indian eVisa Ports are allowed for entry and exit during the government shutdown. Indian eVisa ports allowed for exit

– Nationals of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives are permitted to travel to the United States through any port of entry.

– Nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are only permitted to travel to the United States through land ports of entry.

– All other nationalities must travel through a designated international air or sea port of entry.