Indian Passport for Malaysian Citizens

In this blog article, the author discusses how cards from India can be acquired for Malaysian citizens and Norwegian citizens who want to visit India.

What is an Indian Passport?

An Indian passport is a travel document issued to citizens of India to enable them to travel internationally. It is issued by the Government of India and has been denoted as the ‘Passport of India’. Indian passports are valid for 10 years from the date of issue and can be used for travels to any country in the world. The front cover of an Indian passport has a blue turban-like design with the name of the country in Hindi, English, or both. The back cover has a photograph, electronic chip, and other important information about the holder such as their signature and visa requirements. INDIAN VISA FOR MALAYSIAN CITIZENS

Indian passports are technically valid for 10 years and as such, a person who is 65 years old can safely travel with an Indian passport under the same conditions. However, it is advisable to inform the embassy of any travel plans at least three months before departure. In case of loss or theft, an applicant can apply for a new passport from their country of citizenship as long as it is less than six months from the date of retirement or until he/she signs up for the next passport. To obtain a lost or stolen passport, one must visit any Indian consulate in his/her home country, fill out an application form and pay the required fee. The process usually takes about thirty days to complete, but sometimes more because of delays in processing from time to

How to get an Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens

When travelling to Malaysia, Indian nationals need to obtain a travel visa before boarding a plane. There are two ways to obtain a Malaysian visa: through the Malaysian embassy in India or through a Malaysian consulate in another country.

To apply for a Malaysian visa through the Malaysian embassy in India, Indian nationals must first complete an online application form and submit it together with required documents such as a passport photo, a copy of the traveller’s identification card, and proof of hotel reservations. The processing time for an embassy visa is usually within two weeks. INDIAN VISA FOR NORWEGIAN CITIZENS

To apply for a Malaysian visa through a Malaysian consulate in another country, Indian nationals must first contact the relevant consulate and request a visa application form. The consulate will then require documentation such as a passport photo, a copy of the traveller’s identification card, and proof of hotel reservations. The processing time for a consulate visa is usually within four to six weeks.

Indian Visa for Norwegian Citizens

The Indian government has recently announced that it is now issuing visas to Norwegian citizens. This visa will enable Norwegian citizens to visit India for tourism or business purposes.

Norwegian citizens who hold an Indian passport can now apply for a visa through the embassy in Oslo. The processing time for this visa is typically five working days.

For more information about this visa, please visit the website of the Indian embassy in Oslo. true


If you are a Malaysian citizen planning on travelling to India, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for an Indian passport. Indian passports are different from Malaysian passports in a few key ways, and it is important to be aware of the details if you plan on travelling to India. Keep in mind that not all visa-required countries accept Malayian passports as valid travel documents, so make sure to check before you leave!