Turkey Visa From Cyprus Vs. Turkey Visa From Egypt

When it comes to international travel, there are so many different options for citizens of every country. If you’re planning a trip abroad, consider taking a look at this article to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of applying for your visa from one of these two countries.

What is the difference in a Turkey Visa from Cyprus vs. Turkey visa from Egypt?

Turkish visas are valid for a stay of three months and can be issued to nationals of countries that have a visa agreement with Turkey. Turkey Visa from Cypriot

A Turkish visa is different from a Cyprus or Egyptian visa in that the holder of the Turkish visa does not need to present a passport when traveling to Turkey. Instead, they will need to present an identification card which proves their nationality and residence permit.

nationals of Egypt who wish to visit Turkey must first obtain an Egyptian tourist visa. This can be obtained at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country. Once you have obtained your Egyptian tourist visa, you can then travel to Turkey and apply for a Turkish visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate. The fee for a Turkish visa is $35 USD.

Which countries have a more streamlined process for obtaining a visa?

There are a few key differences between obtaining a Turkish visa from Cyprus and a Turkish visa from Egypt. First, the process for obtaining a Turkish visa from Cyprus is much more streamlined than the process for obtaining a Turkish visa from Egypt. Second, Cyprus does not have an embassy in Turkey, while Egypt does. This means that residents of Cyprus must obtain their Turkish visas in Istanbul, whereas residents of Egypt can obtain their Turkish visas at their respective embassies in Ankara or Cairo. Third, both countries require a valid passport and a visa application to be submitted in advance of travel. Fourth, the maximum stay permitted on a Turkish visa is 30 days, while the maximum stay permitted on a Turkish visa issued by Egyptian authorities is 90 days. Finally, both countries charge an application fee of $25 USD per person. Turkey Visa from Egypt

Do these two countries have any other differences?

Turkey is a country located on the Mediterranean Sea. It shares a border with Greece to the east and northeast, and Syria to the north. Turkey also has a coastline on the Black Sea to the west. Turkey’s capital is Ankara, and its largest city is Istanbul.

Turkey’s official language is Turkish, but there are also sizeable Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian and Greek populations in the country. Religion in Turkey is predominantly Muslim, though there are significant Christian minority communities as well.

The two countries have some other differences as well: while Egypt is an Arab country with a predominantly Sunni population, Turkey is an ethnically diverse nation that includes many religious minorities. Additionally, Egypt is much more rural than Turkey; only about 35% of Turkish territory is urbanized.

In terms of economy, both countries have experienced rapid growth over the past decade or so; however, Turkey’s growth has been faster than Egypt’s. In terms of GDP per capita (PPP), Turkey ranks first in Asia Pacific and fifteenth in the world; meanwhile, Egypt ranks seventy-fourth in the world and eighteenth in Asia Pacific according to World Bank data.[1]


If you’re planning on travelling to Turkey, the best way to get a visa is probably via Cyprus. Egypt doesn’t offer as many visa-free options for tourists as Cyprus does, so if you want to travel to Turkey for leisure purposes or business, it might be worth considering getting a Turkish visa from Cyprus instead.