What Are The Requirements For Living In Turkey?

The article provides all the information on how to get a visa for living in Turkey.

Requirements for Living in Turkey

In order to live in Turkey, you must meet the following requirements: Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

-You must be a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Union or an EU candidate country.

-You must have a valid passport.

-You must have a valid visa.

-You must have no criminal record.

Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

If you are a Canadian citizen, you are eligible to apply for a visa to visit Turkey. The visa requirements for Canadian citizens vary depending on your nationality but are generally similar to the requirements for other countries. You will need a valid passport, a valid visa, and sufficient funds. If you are travelling with children, you will also need a passport photo of each child.

You can apply for your visa at any Turkish embassy or consulate in Canada. The application process can be time-consuming and requires some documentation, so be prepared to spend some time on the application process. You will also need to provide proof of financial stability and health insurance in case of an emergency.

Once you have obtained your visa, make sure to bring all of the required documents with you when you travel to Turkey. You may also need to obtain a tourist visa if you are visiting certain tourist destinations in Turkey. Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

If you are an Australian citizen and would like to visit or live in Turkey, then you will need to obtain a visa. The requirements for a Turkish visa depend on your nationality, but generally you will need to provide documentation confirming your identity and travel plans, as well as proof of financial support. You will also need a passport valid for at least six months after the date of your intended departure from Turkey. If you do not have a valid passport, then you will need to apply for an eVisitor application from the Australian Government website (Australia.gov.au).

Other resources for obtaining a visa for another country’s consular services include:For more information on visas and travel to Turkey, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Turkey.


If you are thinking of moving to Turkey, then you should be aware of the requirements that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk set for the people who would live in his newly founded country. In order to live in Turkey, you will need a valid passport and visa, as well as proof of health insurance and property ownership. If all of these requirements look too difficult or pricey for your needs, consider consulting with a relocation agent who can help make the process easier and less expensive. When making your decision about whether or not to move to Turkey, it is important to weigh all of the pros and cons carefully before making any decisions. true true With its warm Mediterranean weather and long list of historical and cultural sites, Turkey has many reasons to attract people from all over the world. Read more › Cited In : P.Bogdanovic Posted By : true Posted On : 2012-11-13